Dog baiter kills pets in rural area


At least four pet dogs have been killed by a dog baiter in Petrick and Chateau Roads in the Rangeview Estate rural residential area.
This is according to Rod Cramer, chairman of the Alice Springs Rural Areas Association, who says he received the information from “a member whose identity I’ll protect”.
Mr Cramer says the member had emailed that extra vigilance is required and “reporting suspicious vehicles and slow drivebys to the police may help catch the culprit.
“My dog was one of the victims and I know of three others in the last week.”


  1. To those who have lost dogs – report your suspect to the police, regardless of whether you feel intimidated by this person or not. It’s well known that people who are cruel to animals soon move their attention to humans.

  2. Reminds me of the dog baiter 45/50 years ago. Wreaked havoc on the East Side. They never caught him to my knowledge.


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