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NT Government bungling release of impaired woman

UPDATE Wednesday 8:15am:
Health Minister Robyn Lambley said this morning that she has requested the Northern Territory office of disability to conduct a risk assessment and develop a treatment plan for Ms Fulton’s return to Alice Springs should it occur.
She said has requested they develop “a model of care for Ms Fulton which would have her living back in appropriate supported accommodation in Alice Springs, engaging with her local community and relatives, receiving the care and support she requires and otherwise participating in a normal life to the best of her ability.
“Once the assessment and treatment plans have been completed, I will personally be writing to the Western Australian Mentally Impaired Accused Review Board and Ms Fulton’s other guardian, Mr McKinlay, providing the option to Ms Fulton to return to Alice Springs for their consideration and input.
“The Northern Territory government remains steadfast in our commitment to due process, good governance and supporting all Territorians regardless of their ability.”
Sir – The indefinite incarceration of an intellectually impaired Aboriginal woman, Roseanne Fulton (pictured), in a WA prison is a national shame.
We are seeking an urgent meeting with NT Chief Minister Adam Giles. His Attorney-General and Health Minister are bungling the issue.
It is totally within the Northern Territory’s powers to facilitate Roseanne’s release.
Her return to the NT has nothing to do with prisoner extradition, nor her needing to be in breach of NT law to be provided secure care. The actual process is not complicated.
For the past 18 months, the relevant WA authorities – the Mentally Impaired Accused Review Board and the WA Disability Services Commission – have been waiting for a care proposal from NT Health.
If they are satisfied the care proposal is suitable, they would move to facilitate her transition to Alice Springs.
The Territory Government has the power to act. It’s time they showed some guts and leadership and did the right thing.
In addition to the 100,000 signatures on this petition,
• the Prime Minister Abbott has called for a full briefing on the case;
• Mr Abbott’s Indigenous advisor, Warren Mundine, has condemned Roseanne’s incarceration;
• Federal Liberal MP Sharman Stone has described FASD sufferers being imprisoned as a “national tragedy”;
• Human Rights Commissioners Mick Gooda and Graeme Innes have condemned her imprisonment as a “serious breach of fundamental human rights”.
• The Greens are moving a Senate motion calling on the Federal Government to show leadership and negotiate a transfer of Ms Fulton to Alice Springs.
Ian McKinlay
Ms Fulton’s legal guardian
Alice Springs


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