Bicycles and alcohol


Single Female Bicycle Rider # 3
The only occasion when I do miss a car is when I go out to a pub or bar to drink alcohol.
One really gets tangled up with ones bicycle in a very shameful manner if one attempts to combine alcohol and Single Female Bicycle Riding, I can tell you that from experience.
I really miss my car at such moments. But wait. One cannot not drive a car with alcohol in one’s system either. So what’s the point of a car? What on earth was the point of having a car in Alice?
I cannot remember the point as I get everywhere in under 10 minutes just like before in my car and I have to do no maintenance; let alone pay for fuel.
I do not have to pay for expensive gym and yoga classes anymore, thus I save a lot of time … which is not really necessary, because I’m still unemployed in spite of the fact that I have applied for over a hundred jobs and went to over forty (40) interviews.
People in Alice simply do not want to employ the Single Female Bicycle Rider. Because employment is denied to me I do quite a bit of lovely socializing with friends over a glass of nice wine or beer.
If I feel the Kronan and I will end up in one of our entanglement fights again I leave him in the care of a sober person and take a taxi.
This does not happen very often though as I cannot bear not having my Kronan nearby. I usually pick him up very early in the morning and we celebrate our reunion somewhere where they make a good coffee.
Life with my Kronan is definitely good. Being a Single Female Bicycle Rider is definitely a lifestyle I can recommend.


  1. If all the women seen riding bicycles in Alice Springs are unemployed the town has a major social problem.
    Fortunately this not the case as I know several who are employed.
    Alice Springs has one of the highest proportions of bike riding residents in Australia.
    If we can improve bicycle parking (Montes and Club Eastside) and make our streets more pedestrian and bicycle friendly that proportion will continue to grow.

  2. And complete the river circuit where it passes under Meyers Hill. Make the Bridge to Nowhere go somewhere. Poor t’ing – so lonely to be forever going nowhere …
    And while we’re at it, allow bicycle riding on the east side of the Todd River between the Telegraph Station Historical Reserve’s boundary fence and the river crossing to the old station itself.
    The two most ignored signs in Alice Springs would have to be the sign prohibiting right turns when exiting Woolworths petrol station on Wills Terrace and the sign banning bicycles when entering the Reserve from the south-east.


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