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'Separations' no worries for new container deposit operator

A container deposit depot has opened in Alice Springs, doing 28 “separations” after its predecessor shut down when he was required to do 24.
“Separations” means sorting the items attracting 10 cent refunds into categories such as glass, aluminium, cardboard, plastic and so on.
The Territory Recycling Depot in Smith Street closed down in August when the government-funded scheme, which required just eight separations, came to an end.
The new depot, in Cameron Street, is owned by Envirobank which also runs the only container deposit depot in Darwin.
Local manager Andrew Lee says the number of separations required is “labour intensive” but the high turnover makes it worth-while.
Mr Lee says there is a huge stockpile of containers in Alice Springs at the moment.
The depot has no limits on the number of containers cashed in except that clients with a big load may get payment by EFT as not a great amount of cash is kept at the depot.
PHOTO: Depot worker Shaun Thomas lobs a stubby into one of the 28 separation bins as fellow worker Jason Birch sorts a delivery from Tom Buzzacott (at right).


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