No hard feelings for Giles, says Anderson


Dumped Minister Alison Anderson says she is looking forward to her time on the back bench and has no hard feelings towards Chief Minister Adam Giles.
“I’m looking forward to going out bush, sit down with people, find some pitjiri (chewing tobacco), attend some sorry business in Areyonga, visit Ampilatwatje.
“That’s what I like doing.”
How long will she be on the back bench? “Don’t know, forever.”
She says Mr Giles had told her that he wants some fresh faces in the Cabinet and the “younger people” need to be given a chance. Mr Giles had not given her another reason for her dismissal.
Asked whether she had seen the move coming (the Alice Springs News Online spoke to her on election night), she said no.
“There is a time and place for us all to move on,” she said. Her loyalties to the CLP would continue.


  1. Alison, I hope, will one day share her stories about the politics of the bush with us all.
    Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. It would give her time to write the book we all need to read … about how the Labor Party controlled the communities and the tools they used to it.
    Tell it Alison, tell it all!


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