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New car dealership as Kittles reported sold


Mayor Matt Paterson and Tory Federal Member Jacinta Price are making hysterical demands for Australian Armed Forces to deal with our juvenile delinquents.

There are twice as many homes for sale than usual.

Dozens of shops are shuttered.

Is that a good time to start a business in The Alice?

Suresh Millar, from the vehicle company North East Group, doesn’t see a problem: “Like anywhere in Australia there are areas with social challenges.

“We probably came at the right time. We’ve been here seven weeks. Prior to us coming there was an extra reinforcement with the law. With this being in place we see everything good and settled. We’re quite happy with the way things are happening.”

Group Service Manager  Millar (at left in the picture with Rafael Padilla, Dealer Principal) is opening two new businesses, one on North Stuart Highway and one on Smith Street, introducing brand franchises including Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai, and the iconic GM Holden to the region.

The Emanuele Family auto firm was  founded in 1978, has 520 staff, is now represented in all states other than Tasmania and WA – and they having their eye on that.

Mr Millar says his company’s focus is on “what we can bring to town, how can we be part of the community, run a good business, add a good vibe from the Northeast Group about what we do as a family, employ local people.

“Alice Springs for us is a no brainer. It is central to Australia.

“It’s easy for us to commute from the head office in Adelaide. We’ve had a lot of experience in Port Augusta.”

There will be 20 staff here, including former employees of Northpoint and Sutton Motors.

We put to Mr Millar: Peter Kittle Motor Company was well known for selling more cars than the rest of the local industry put together.

“Peter Kittle is obviously not trading here any more,” says Mr Millar.

“They have sold out to the AP Eagers group. They re a respected automotive giant in Australia.”

Eagers Automotive Limited, on its website, states it has an estimated share of over 11% of new vehicle sales in the Australian market.

The News is seeking comment from Peter Kittle, the Aboriginal investment company, Centrecorp and AP Eagers.

Says Mr Millar: “We understand there’s a lot of Toyotas in town but what we bring to the table is options.”

He mentions especially Kia and Mitsubishi, both of which offer electric vehicles.

“A lot of Holden customers transitioned to Kia. We are also a service outlet for GM Holden.”

Is there going to be a price war?

“No. At the end of the day the value of the car is exactly the value of the car.

“We will also be very strong in used cars, late model second hand vehicles.”


  1. Is there going to be a price war?
    “No. At the end of the day the value of the car is exactly the value of the car.”
    Pretty sure that’s the result of price fixing and not market forces.


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