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Liam Jurrah committal hearing has late start, waiting for witnesses

Report # 1. Posted 11:05am
A smartly dressed but worried looking Liam Jurrah (right) arrived out the front of the Alice Springs Courthouse this morning, to a waiting crowd of cameramen, photographers and reporters.
The star footballer, from Yuendumu and now playing for the Melbourne Football Club, stands accused (together with two others) of unlawfully causing serious harm, going armed with an offensive weapon at night and four counts of aggravated assault.
He is being represented by QC Jon Tippett.
Inside his co-accused Josiah Fry came in scarcely noticed, wearing a blue hoody, khaki pants and work boots.
The third co-accused, Christopher Walker, was brought up from custody, wearing – on this crisp winter’s morning – only a black singlet, shorts and sports shoes.
All three men face the same charges.
The court had prepared for a large crowd but there were more media than other members of the public, including friends and family, and in the end more than enough seats available.
It was something of an anti-climax when Prosecutor Steve Robson told Magistrate David Bamber that they were not ready to proceed immediately. A number of witnesses are coming in from remote communities, chiefly Nyirrpi, and have not yet arrived, Mr Bamber was told.
A couple live in town and the case may be able to start with their evidence shortly.
Photo at top: Jurrah defence team Jon Tippett QC (with sunglasses) and John McBride confronted by media outside the court.


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