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We are in deep trouble and 2017 will be worse: Gerritsen




Budget: The family jewels – TIO, Darwin Port, and so on – have been sold but pitifully little has been saved, says Prof Rolf Gerritsen (pictured). Report by ERWIN CHLANDA.


Skywalk Budget item could be game changer for Alice




A $10m Budget line could be a game changer for Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA comments. PHOTO: View to the west from Mt Gillen.

Budget good for home buyers, kids at risk, roads




Chamber of Commerce, Mayor give thumbs up. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: The Youth Centre undergoing an upgrade. There is $2.8m for it in today's budget.


Big capital works spend in Centre pledged



$50m for the controversial expansion of the the Owen Springs Power Station, and an upgrade of the Tennant Creek Power Station, are the biggest expenditures in Central Australia.

Alice on track for athletics




Alice Springs athletics will get a new, first class track at a cost of $2m, write Chief Minister Adam Giles and Minister for Sport Gary Higgins.


Tollner gets a free lunch in more ways than one





Budget: Treasurer Dave Tollner gets it easy as in Alice the movers and shakers don't move nor shake. PHOTO: Four star wilderness lodge at Redbank Gorge: Wouldn't it be nice! COMMENT by  ERWIN CHLANDA.

Interest costs a 'dead weight' on NT budget, says economist

UPDATED October 25, 2012, 11.55 am. See FULL STORY. 


Reducing debt means reducing the size of the public service 


Economist Rolf Gerritsen welcomes the Country Liberals Government's "fiscal rectitude": "Let us hope that [it] lasts longer than the Government’s first budget (which is as long as it lasted when the Martin Government was elected)." He describes the Government's intentions to return the NT budget to surplus by the end of its first term and then to begin repaying debt as "laudable" as interest costs "are a dead weight on the budget". KIERAN FINNANE reports. 

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