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Are fire vandals the only ones to blame for the state of the river?



People are arrested for deliberately throwing matches and setting fire to the landscape but who bears responsibility for allowing fire-promoting conditions to become entrenched? The Todd River corridor is a conservation zone and the Alice Springs Town Council has responsibility for its management. The Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority has given council a certificate permitting it to carry out "fire abatement management works".

To the casual observer it would appear that precious little has been done in this regard and many a mature tree in the river has borne the brunt of our neglect. With last summer's heavy rains, couch and buffel grass increased their stranglehold on the river and as they hayed off they provided the perfect conditions for fire vandals, mostly unchecked right up to the base of the trees.

The Alice Springs News Online asked council if it had undertaken, prior to the warmer weather, fuel reduction in the river corridors, including the Charles. We also asked whether council is going to undertake future fuel reduction as the burnt out areas in the river corridors regenerate and hay off.

Director of Technical Services, Greg Buxton, replied: "Earlier in the year Council made a decision to implement a mowing blitz across the municipality in response to large amounts of growth brought on by unprecedented rain events during 2010/2011. This proactive initiative was successfully implemented and coupled with Council's ongoing weed and growth program, which does include the Charles and Todd River beds, control of growth has been a priority for our teams. Alice Springs Town Council is working diligently to control growth and will continue to work proactively on this matter."

Our photographs show otherwise. Taken by vigilant naturalist Alex Nelson they clearly illustrate the priorities of council, which are to create parkland-type areas along some sections of the river banks, and to control growth along the walking and cycle path. Protecting the mature river gums – some of them hundreds of years old – clearly has low to nil priority. Pictured: Top – As we prepared our report  the Town Council was at work in the river, seeming to do its best to preserve couch and buffel grass around the base of a mature tree. Above right – Keeping the edges of the walking and cycle path mown takes priority over the protection of trees. As the long grasses hay off the stand in the distance, surrounded by a  sea of thick grass, will be in danger.  Photos by ALEX NELSON.

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