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Government electricity firm in trouble as solar booms

A gloomy Territory Generation forecast says solar power is driving the government-owned electricity company into financial difficulties. Meanwhile the Electrical Trades Union is scathing about the commissioning of the Owen Springs powerhouse and expects blackouts during summer, saying the now mothballed Ron Goodin power station (pictured) should be maintained for back up generation. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.


UPDATE: Dale Wakefield says ENI is investing $82m in the construction of three solar farms which will support 170 jobs and create power for the equivalent of 13,000 homes.


UPDATE 5.10pm: Statement from TGen CEO Tim Duignan on a power outage yesterday.

UPDATE Oct 9, 11.30am: TGen CEO Tim Duignan provided a statement about the transition to the new Owen Springs power station in stages "to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to Alice Springs region".

Interstate contractors, consultants costing Territorians dearly

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IR advisor was paid $2800 a day for a year and delivered nothing to the NT Government's electricity companies, writes David "Strawbs" Hayes, Electrical Trades Union NT organiser.


UPDATE Saturday August 4, 4.50pm: Power and Water responds.

The power struggle: Schedule for new generators contested

2459 Territory Generation SM


An agreement between Territory Generation and the Electrical Trades Union is still far from reality on issues of supply reliability, remote control from Darwin of the operations and scheduling the shut-down of the Ron Goodin power station near the centre of Alice Springs. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. IMAGE from a TGen brochure sent to Alice households after disclosures in the Alice Springs News Online about ongoing concerns over blackouts.


UPDATE July 13, 12:20pm from the Power and Water Corporation.


Territory Generation rejects claims by electricity union

p2323-Jenbacher SM


Tim Duignan, CEO of the NT Government-owned Territory Generation, defends the new gas fired power station at Owen Springs and the closure of the Ron Goodin plant in the town, rejects claims about the battery storage being installed and says he is "confident that we will transition the majority of our staff". ERWIN CHLANDA reports. PHOTO: Jenbacher engines.


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