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Let Me See: about so much more than sight

To gather at the door with strangers; to be led inside, directed where to sit, where to stand, when to close your eyes, when to open; moving in and through dim light, even darkness, to try receiving a space or a work with senses other than the visual: these were some of the pleasures of the art event, Let Me See: Arts & Technology. About so much more than seeing. KIERAN FINNANE reviews.


How delicious is Spam?



A central metaphor for My Desert is Delicious, a performance in development by the Dusty Feet Dance Collective, is tinned Spam and tinned food more generally. It seemed to be a way of acknowledging that the perspectives being presented on this place – Alice Springs, the central desert – were imported. KIERAN FINNANE reviews. See also video at FULL STORY.

Dancers take over after dark


FULL STORY MODIFIED to include more photos, September 16, 2013, 10.15am.


It must rank among the best things the Alice Desert Festival has put on in its 13 years, for its key idea of enlivening our central public spaces after dark, erasing their normally anxious, shuttered and desolate state with sensual exuberance, open-hearted humour and welcome. The event was Dance Jam After Dark. It began at the entrance to the Fan Arcade where at the start of the 7pm performance last night a crowd of 50 or so spectators gathered round. By the end they'd been joined by hundreds. KIERAN FINNANE reviews. Video (click FULL STORY) by ERWIN CHLANDA.

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