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Art gallery, culture centre location a no brainer: What's the holdup?

2627 Yeperenye Festival 2 SM2627 Yeperenye Festival 1 SMHarold Furber and Owen Cole say they have made it clear "over and over and over again" that the gallery and the cultural centre should be combined and built south of The Gap. "The government changed it into two projects." Now the two men are forging ahead with the cultural centre on its own. A significant meeting will take place in Sydney next week, involving Deloitte. ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photos: The sensational Yeperenye Festival, had to be held south of The Gap, in 2001.


UPDATE April 12


Minister for Tourism, Sport and Culture, Lauren Moss, confirms the government's "clear commitment of $20 million" and says the proponents of the project have drawn down against this commitment to support their early planning works.

Gallery swap: Aborigines second in pecking order

2626 gallery arrows SM



The Chief Minister is putting his fresh "preferred location" for the National Aboriginal Art Gallery to the town council, ahead of the local Aboriginal people whose culture and traditions the multi-million project is mean to be celebrating. ERWIN CHLANDA reports.

Anzac precinct art gallery: Native title issues unresolved

2555 art gallery site SM



Lhere Artepe hasn't been asked to say yes or no to the government's choice of the Anzac precinct, and there has been no request to "extinguish native title for the purpose of the National Aboriginal Art Gallery." ERWIN CHLANDA reports. Photo: The approximate location of the government's "preferred" site for the gallery.

UPDATE Oct 12, 5.20pm

Gallery: What we need to know before we spend a cent

2575 Aboriginal art NAG OK


The government's amateurish approach to the National Aboriginal Art Gallery is jeopardising its major project for Alice Springs, says a consultant well qualified in the area. PHOTO: World renowned Aboriginal art from Central Australia in the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

The gallery drama: Will there be a happy ending?

2562 Mona OK

The Town Council is moving centre-stage in the farce that the planning for an internationally renowned Aboriginal art gallery has become. Will the eight elected councillors and the Mayor reverse the plot and be triumphant in the drama that could make or break the town, or will they just mutter a few lines given them by the government and slink off stage in ashen clothes. COMMENT by ERWIN CHLANDA. The Museum of Old and New Art (Mona, above) outside Hobart and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, are art galleries that have made a big difference to their cities, and are pictured in the report of the Initial Steering Scoping Committee for the gallery planned in Alice Springs.

Art gallery: Door slammed on Desert Park

p2499g NIAG Lauren Moss SM



The discussion about the location of the gallery seems to have been shut down by the government and an Aboriginal-led project implementation team will be formed, writes Lauren Moss (pictured), Minister for Tourism and Culture.

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