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When you mean sacking then say it

I listened on the news to Professor Simon Maddocks (pictured), the Vice-Chancellor and President of Charles Darwin University.
Several times he used the phrase “restructure our staff profile”.
Darwin save us!
We know universities have been forced to change into businesses by decades of under funding by successive governments.
How shortsighted this policy is has been demonstrated by the current situation.
Many of our health and front-line emergency staff are on visas of one sort or another.
Because we have not been training our own.
However we still should expect our institutions of higher learning to communicate in clear English.
Not bloody gobbledegook corporate weasel words.
He presumably meant “reduce our staff numbers”.
Or more bluntly “sack some staff”.
That is a Fail, Vice Chancellor.
You should apologise to the people of the Territory.


  1. Charles Darwin University is ranked 651 internationally, when a University gets over 450 it is regarded as Junk so poorly it is regarded.
    CDU has very few international students and Alice Springs Campus is a joke, a ghost college and everyone knows it.
    CDU is a national disgrace and will be closed or be converted to a TAFE soon and so it should be.


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