Soft song of rain will continue


Alice Springs Airport gauges show that some 25 mm of rain has fallen over the last 24 hours.
Listening on the roof showed that it was of lovely and soft and continuous through last night.

Widespread rainfall is expected to continue over the next two days in the Simpson District.


The district is likely to receive some 10-20mm each day, with the possibility of heavier isolated falls of around 50mm, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.


It is likely to lead to stream and river rises, with a flood watch issued yesterday for the Tanami Desert, Central Desert, MacDonnell Ranges, Barkly, Georgina River and Simpson Desert.


The flood watch is due to be updated at 11am today.

UPDATE 12.30pm
Ex tropical cyclone Esther is currently making its second trip across the NT, bringing less wind but plenty of welcome rain to areas south of Elliott, says the Bureau of Meteorology
Since making landfall as a category 1 system near the NT/Queensland border on Monday 24 February, it’s been remarkable how ex TC Esther has maintained its structure over land for more than a week.
Currently near Lajamanu, the system should leave the NT tomorrow as it continues its south east track through south west Queensland and eventually into New South Wales.
At right is where the rain has fallen in the past week (though the map has obviously not been updated with last night’s falls.).


  1. It is nice that the Alice Springs Uterne Solar Panels have had a good wash and that the switch to Base Load Energy worked well (touch wood).
    Seems logical at this point in technological time. Yes, solar and wind when economic and possible and Base Load Fuel as the Primary source.
    Maybe in 20 years we can make the full transition for a natural sustainable fuel if the technology allows.

  2. As I recall it was the the Weather Bureau that divided the NT up into forecast “districts” some years ago, whose boundaries did not necessarily coincide with the topo / geographical features they were named after.
    I notice in recent weeks the bureau can’t make up its mind if its using their own defined districts, or the topo / geographical areas, which could be quite misleading.
    NT bureau forecasters, and subsequently the media, chop and change between the two, even in the one forecast or report. Come on, one or the other, please.

  3. Time to bust out of the old John Williamson classic “It’s raining on the Rock” and crank up the stereo!
    Aussie equivalent of “Listen to the rythm of the falling rain” by the Cascades. And “Singin’ in the Rain”. Ain’t Climate Change grand!


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