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Home on sale against senior's wish?

Much of the town turns out to raise money for the Old Timers at its annual fete, but the treatment of involuntary resident Alan Viegas casts a shadow over the iconic facility.

Alan Viegas, the senior in a battle with the Old Timers Village and his daughter Lisa Wilson over issues of personal freedom and substantial property, said this morning his home is not for sale.

The house in the New Eastside has been advertised by the local L J Hooker franchise.

Its managing director, Doug Fraser, when asked to comment, said: “We are acting under solicitors’ instructions. Please refer all enquiries to Messrs Holding Redlich in Brisbane for the attention of Laura Hanrahan.”

We did but have not received any reply from them.

Mr Viegas says: “I don’t know who has the key to the house. I don’t have transport to get the key. I’m stuck.

“The house is not for sale. That’s my house. That’s where I live.”

Mr Viegas says he too down a ‘for sale’ sign but it was put up again.

He is now able to come and go from the Old Timers complex after a lengthy period of being locked in: “I have the code to the doors,” he says.

However, it appears visitors are being turned away, including a former longtime woman carer who became a defender of his rights.

“I was not aware of this,” says Mr Viegas. “I have not had any visitors. They are most welcome.”

He says he would take up these matters with the manager of the complex, Anook Thomas.

We said to Mr Fraser: “Given what you have been told by Mr Viegas and his supporters, namely that he, the owner of the house, does not want it to be sold, would it not be proper for the sale to be put on hold until matters are clarified?”

Mr Fraser’s unchanged reply: Contact the legal firm in Brisbane.
Neither Old Timers nor Ms Wilson responded to an invitation to comment issued ahead of publication. If they do we will deal with it as an update.


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