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St Philip’s College students shine in NTCET

Sir – St Philip’s College students Tryphina Reu (pictured) placed in the Top 10 and Nicholas Butter, Abeer Srivastava and Chelsea Yu also placed in the Top 20 in the NT.
For the second year in a row a St Philip’s College student was named the top Aboriginal student for the NT: Monique Chong.
The college was also named as one of five schools in the NT to have the highest number of students complete the NTCET.
Twenty eight students received ATARS above 90 (the largest number in recent history), and nearly one third of students eligible for an ATAR received a score over 90.
Jill Jansons 
St Philip’s College
PICTURED below (from left) Nicholas Butter, Abeer Srivastava, Chelsea Yu and Monique Chong.



  1. Well done St Phillip’s teachers.
    Just a pity that in our town to get your kids a standard of education that is almost free elsewhere you have to pay a lot.

  2. Congratulations St Philip’s College, teachers and students.
    Just shows The Alice is a great place and we have the facilities to allow our kids to get a good education.


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