Braedon Earley to stand for Parliament


Braedon Earley (at left) is stepping down as the president of the Ban Fracking Fix Crime Protect Water Party to contest the by-election in the seat of Johnston, vacated by Labor’s Ken Vowles (at right).
“The economic train smash we are all suffering after a decade of mismanagement by the major parties can be turned around,” Mr Earley says in a media statement.
“Johnston voters, like all Territorians, have suffered greatly, with businesses closing, homes re-possessed and the devastation of unemployment and suffering break-ins regularly which cause fear and heartache.
“Alcohol related violence and harm are daily occurrences. We are all totally fed up with this situation.”
Sue Fraser-Adams is now the party’s acting president and Andi Bracey the acting vice-president.


  1. Does this mean we’ll get to see BFFCPWP+’s (previously OneTerritory’s) much and long vaunted fiscal policy?
    I’d say I’m on the edge of my seat only we’ve been teased with its impending release for so long it’s hard to know if the policy is real or a mirage.
    Meanwhile has Mr Earley signed his own “no hubris idiot” clause as championed back in mid-2015?

  2. Kev – have BFFCPWP+ entered into a preference deal with Labor?
    Apparently Hamish MacFarlane hived off around 1500 votes from Jacinta Price in the Katherine region back in May – did they go to Labor?
    On a less serious note would you vote for a party named, ‘BFFCPWP+’? “Probably not” would be the reasonable answer.

  3. There will be no preference deal with Labor.
    We do have monetary and fiscal policy which will see the Territory turned around.
    We will not be releasing these in a by election for every one to copy, like they did last time but did – unfortunately they did not execute properly.
    Personal attacks will not put the Territory back on track neither will cowards hiding behind names not their own. Cheers.

  4. Braedon Earley is a dill who associates with other dills and they call themselves a political party. They’ve changed from the People’s Front of Judea to the Judaean’s People’s Front.

  5. @ Dick Colbeck: One of the finest group of actors ever to grace the stage, thank you for the accolade.
    For others, a failed mock by Dick, here is the link,

  6. @ Braedon Earley: In your video for Johnston posted on December 28, 2019, just 44 seconds in, you say you grew up in “Johnston, Alawa in fact, you had sone of your fondest memories there.”
    But on February 5, 2018 at the Darwin Convention Centre, giving evidence to the Fracking Inquiry before Justice Pepper, you said the following: “My name is Braedon Earley, born and raised in the Roper River.”
    If you were born and raised on the Roper River why then are you telling everyone you were born and bred in Darwin and raised in Alawa as the candidate for Johnston?


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