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Don't mix cops with fire: Union

Sir – The news of the appointment of the current Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw as the new Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police is not just about a vacant police commissioner’s position.
The Commissioner for Police is also the CEO of the Northern Territory Fire Service.
United Voice is demanding that CEO of the Northern Territory Fire Service is removed from the new Police Commissioner’s job description as the Police Commissioner and previous Police Commissioners have no idea, no connection nor any understanding of the operations of the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service and the role of our dedicated firies.
The Chief Fire Officer authority has been stripped away and is just a figurehead. This is not good enough and is a disgrace. There are no career opportunities or pathways for firies to progress to executive leadership roles or provide real support to the Chief Fire Officer.
This is the time for the Government to step up and really look at the NTFRS and provide the best practice and people (firies) for the continuing success of our fire service.
There are too many highly paid people controlling our fire service who need to go. This is the perfect opportunity for real reform within the NTFRS and to professionally advance our own fire fighters.

United Voice is one of Australia’s largest unions with over 120,000 members.
Erina Early
NT Branch Secretary, United Voice.


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