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Indecent assault, home invasions

Police are calling for witnesses or drivers with dash-cam footage, following an incident in which a teenager was allegedly indecently assaulted in Alice Springs yesterday afternoon.
Just after 3pm a 15-year-old girl was walking along Sturt Terrace when it is alleged an unknown man approached her and began asking her inappropriate questions, according to a police media release.
It is further alleged the man touched the teenager on the chest, before a bike rider rode his pushbike between the two, causing the unknown man to leave and get into a nearby vehicle.
The vehicle drove off down an alleyway between Mills and McMinn Streets.
The man is of Aboriginal appearance, aged late 20s early 30s with a skinny build and was wearing a faded black coloured T-shirt, grey long shorts and black coloured thongs and a cap.
The vehicle the man got into is a white coloured older model sedan, with a black and yellow numberplate containing the number 8 within the registration.
This incident was a timely reminder for parents to know where their children are, and ensure their children know about stranger danger: Be sure our children are aware of the five Rs, says the release:
• Recognised the danger – who or what, and where is the exit.
• Refuse the offer – say no to whatever the stranger is suggesting.
• Raise the alarm – Be loud, shout, scream – make sure you are heard.
• Run away – Get out of there.
• Report it – Make sure you tell your parents, a responsible adult and report it to police.
Meanwhile police are urging residents to ensure they have secured their car and property.
Reports were received of offenders unlawfully entering properties and checking for unlocked vehicles in the Desert Springs areas.
Further reports were received of offenders checking cars and front doors in the Sadadeen area.
Superintendent Pauline Vicary is quoted in a media release: “We have reports of offenders attempting to break in to a home and two reports of unlawful entries where evidence suggests the offenders had searched the home but nothing was stolen.
“Another residence was unlawfully entered and a set of car keys were stolen and the offenders were attempting to push the vehicle out of the driveway when they were disturbed by the neighbour and ran off.
“Unlawful entry reports are investigated and where offenders are identified appropriate action is taken through arrest, notice to appear, summons, or where relevant when a youth is involved, youth diversion,” Superintendent Vicary is quoted.
“Please ensure your doors locked, even if you’re home. These offenders can be quite brazen in their actions and will check the front door regardless if someone is home.”


  1. Youth growing up in Alice Springs where there are no consequences for their actions turn into adults and their crimes will get more serious.
    If we don’t deter them in the first instance we are setting ourselves up for a future generation of mass criminals.
    But hey, sit back Gunner, and others in power, and pat yourselves on the back for doing a great job. Shame job you mob.

  2. At 7am this morning I was stopped cycling along Larapinta Drive near Milner Road by a small group of kids and told to hand over my bike. I ignored them and rode on. 100 meters further I looked back and they were harassing a young tourist female walking into town. They then separated when I headed back towards them.


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