Pitchi Richi work slow because of money shortage


p2401 Pitchi Ritchi 1LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – I would like to respond to the letter by Lee Kidman “Nobody Home”, July 13, 2018.
Heritage Alice Springs Inc (HAS) holds the lease to The Pitchi Richi Sanctuary and we continue to work towards our goal of opening it to the public once again.
In the past couple of years we have received NT Government grants and Community Benefit grants that have allowed us to rewire Chapman House, conduct a structural report of Chapman House, restore the roof of Chapman House and have an assessment done of the William Ricketts sculptures.
We would like to thank Isabelle Waters, Conservator, for her generosity in continuing some conservation work, unpaid. We also held Open Days during Heritage Week in 2016 and 2017.
I personally respond to enquiries and take people to visit the property whenever a request is made; one of the most recent was that of William Ricketts’ family.
p2214-Pitchi-Ritchi-6HAS manages Pitchi Richi via a sub-committee and we are always trying to attract people to join us. Our sub-committee has a relationship with the William Ricketts Sanctuary in the Dandenongs and more recently with the William Ricketts Alliance through John Ricketts.
Recently we wrote to The Chief Minister to outline some of our concerns, pointing out the fact that our committee decided that no further work can take place in Chapman House until asbestos is removed and the house cleaned however, the high cost prohibits us to carry out the work unless an adequate grant is provided.
Additionally, we are unable to open to the public until we have installed public toilets.
I hope this information brings your readers up-to-date.
I’m sorry that we did not get to show the Kidman family through the Sanctuary. If they were to have Googled “William Ricketts Alice Springs” our website would have come up and contact could have been made – so hopefully next time.
If there are any businesses or people who would like to contribute financially to the restoration work or otherwise, please get in touch with us at heritagealicesprings@telstra.com.
Faye Alexander
Chairperson, Heritage Alice Springs Inc.


  1. As a concerned local, I am pleased that at least work is happening to get this open again to the public.
    I loved it as a young person going through and looking forward to it opening again.
    Love to show my grandkids this marvellous place I enjoyed as a child.
    Well done to the Heritage Group for getting this started again. Look forward to the opening.

  2. If only I could come and help with the restoration of Chapman House (Pearly Gates).
    But I live on the other side of the world in the Isle of Wight UK. My grandmother’s sister, Gertrude Ford, was married to Charles Chapman and they had two daughters. They lived at Pearly Gates. I’d really love to see it!
    I wish you every success with the restoration and hope sufficient funds come your way to help complete your task.


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