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Onshore gas not the solution Tennant Creek had hoped for

Sir – Prime Minister Turnbull has once again demonstrated a total disregard for the people of the Northern Territory as he looks to mining to answer the complex social and economic issues that exist in the town of Tennant Creek.
In his recent visit to Tennant Creek, it has been reported Mr Turnbull stated the town could be a mining and manufacturing hub that capitalises on the onshore gas industry.
Residents feel this ignores the real issues at stake and pays little attention to the recent experience of the construction of the Jemena Pipeline.
Many in Tennant Creek are sceptical of this news.
Local Peter Dixon said: “This is not the first time Tennant Creek has been promised jobs and growth as a solution to the challenges we face. The recent construction of the Northern Gas Pipeline saw very few local people employed, with little benefit for Tennant Creek.
“How can we trust a government that over promises and under delivers again and again?”
This government appears so fixated on their agenda to help gas companies get fracking that they have forgotten to listen to communities on the ground.
Using the struggling community of Tennant Creek to promote onshore gas, rather than addressing the very real and serious issues at hand is a new low for this Prime Minister and the NT government.
Jesse Hancock
Frack Free NT Alliance


  1. I recall Julius Caesar and “beware the ides of March”.
    It now reads beware Macquarie Bank and their involvement with the gas industry and the Jemima pipeline via Central Petroleum.
    Mac Bank will be the major recipient of benefits of the pipeline, not the locals.
    The methodology is to gain control over the asset, revalue it, then set their charges according to the new valuation.
    If you don’t believe that ride on the Mac bank controlled train from Sydney Central to Mascot and then ask why it costs so much more than the local line.
    What little there is left over is ours.
    It is also interesting to note that the viability of the Inplex facility is under question as was pointed out in mid construction and evidenced by the sale of Inplex shares by one of the major international share funds.
    Perhaps property investors in Darwin are to feel more chill winds. Lessons for fracking?


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