ALP to ram through alcohol floor price: Lambley


p2351 Robyn Lambley OKLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – The Government informed Parliament today that not only will they introduce an alcohol floor price that they promised they wouldn’t do many times in the lead up to the 2016 Election, but that the Bill will not be scrutinised by the usual Parliamentary committee process.
It was created in 2017 designed to create greater transparency and openness around legislation.
The decision today to not refer this important legislation to a scrutiny committee is a sign that the Government wants to avoid public scrutiny on an alcohol floor price.
The Gunner Government is proving to be as arrogant and as dishonest as any former Territory Government.
The people of the NT need to have a say about the introduction of an alcohol floor price, particularly given that no other jurisdictions in Australia has ever gone down this path.
The Bill is to be debated in Parliament in June 2018.
Robyn Lambley
Independent Member for Araluen
UPDATE 1.10pm
Attorney General Natasha Fyles has announced plans to increase penalties for the secondary supply of alcohol. Floor price legislation introduced to parliament today also includes an increase in the maximum penalty for selling liquor without a licence to three years in prison or a fine of $46,200.


  1. Robyn, I have voted for you since you first ran for the Alice Springs Town Council. I have seen nothing on the current or near horizon that makes me think I will change my vote should you continue in politics.
    However, on this we disagree. Scotland recently introduced a floor price, although this is under review in the European courts with opposition coming from the Scottish Whiskey Association.
    Russia has one.
    But the main example for a floor price comes from Canada where their’s has been shown to reduce alcohol-related domestic violence, emergency hospital admissions, chronic disease hospital admissions and traffic accidents across the country.
    Alcohol is a foundation of the social ills ripping Alice apart. Read the stats from the hospital, the ambos or the police. Or take a walk along the railway line or along the river to see the floor of empty plastic wine bottles.
    Either we address this, or we continue to go around in circles. A floor price seems to me to be as good a point as any to start.

  2. I’m with you Hal. I have admired Robyn’s usual straight talk. But I also diverge at this point.
    Robyn you may have well founded reservations about process but the alcohol crisis in Alice is not going to go away all by itself.
    As Hal points out, Canada and other countries have had measurable reductions in alcohol abuse. Please check it out and by all means keep a good eye on the process.


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