Not a million dollar dunny


2510 public toilet OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA
In Alice Springs, if you haven’t heard a rumour by 10am you start one. Case in point: The automated loo in the Hartley Street car park.
A reader suggested because of what it cost to buy and keep running, it’s a One Million Dollar Dunny.
Not so, says Town Council CEO Rex Mooney: “The cost of the Exeloo purchased in 2007 was $174,562, partly funded by a $45,454 Northern Territory Government grant. The total cost to Council was therefore $129,108.
“Since 2008, the average yearly cost to operate the Hartley Street Exeloo has been $10,750.”
That amounts to $107,500 over 10 years. It was out of order for a few days last week.
“As a comparison, the average yearly cost to operate the public toilets adjoined to Council’s Civic Centre is $14,300,” says Mr Mooney.


  1. I would rather walk an hour out of town in 40 degree heat than even touch the door of one of those revolting things, here or anywhere.

  2. Dr Who: If you thought about things too much you would not do anything.
    Guaranteed those toilets have no more bad things than a lot of toilets in an average house or the average door handle. Don’t think about it too much.

  3. Dr Who wear gloves or a nappy. When a man has to do what a man has to do it is better to have dirty hands than a dirty pants (advice from mother Eve).


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