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$3m boost for Hermannsburg historical precinct

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Sir – The government is investing a $3m into the Hermannsburg historical precinct, the third major infrastructure project to be announced as part of $103m Turbocharging Tourism stimulus package.
This is on top of the $600,000 investment announced last year for the precinct.
We will be working with stakeholders including the Hermannsburg Historic Society to manage this historical precinct on behalf of the Finke River Mission, to maximise tourism growth in Ntaria (the Hermannsburg region) and create jobs and business opportunities in the community.
The precinct is one of only five nationally listed heritage sites in the Northern Territory and is a cornerstone attraction for visitors to the West MacDonnell region.
The $3m recognises the increase in visitor numbers following the sealing of the final section of popular tourist drive, the Mereenie Inner Loop road.
Results from Tourism Research Australia’s National and International Visitor survey indicate that an average of 44,000 domestic overnight and international holiday visitors currently make their way to the MacDonnell tourism region, in which Hermannsburg is situated, each year.
But with over 400,000 holiday visitors coming to Central Australia overall each year, there is potential for visitation to the MacDonnell region to grow.
Lauren Moss
Minister for Tourism and Culture
PHOTO: Building in the precinct needing repair.
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