15-year-old charged with assaulting police officer

Police have taken a 15-year-old boy into custody for assaulting a police officer in Alice Springs yesterday morning.
It is alleged the youth resisted a male police officer while being placed under arrest.
The youth has been charged with breach of order suspending sentence and aggravated assault.
The officer received medical treatment at hospital for a head injury.
Meanwhile the Police Association says it is “disgusted by the latest alleged assault on one of its members.”
Acting President Col Goodsell said: “It’s no secret policing is a dangerous profession, but being assaulted almost daily is not part of the job description. We need the community to support the people who keep us safe.
“It’s incredibly frustrating that some members of the public still don’t get it. It’s not acceptable to attack an officer, or any emergency worker, when they’re just trying to do their job.”
Mr Goodsell says last financial year, there were 241 assaults on police recorded across the Northern Territory.
“This is an appalling statistic, and the association would like to see a strong message from NT Police Commissioner, Reece Kershaw, and Chief Minister Michael Gunner, who is also the Police Minister, publicly condemning any attack on NT Police.”


– Media statements.


  1. Doubt it Citz. I think you will find they will get a slap on the wrist with good behaviour blah blah.
    The legal system is a joke. Our poor police have to put up with so much knowing their efforts are useless most of the time.
    We all know the police do a great job, it’s time the courts did the same.

  2. Well, with police being assaulted regularly, I can see us ending up like the US. We recall where police often shoot first and ask questions later, something we all criticise.
    BUT put yourself in the police position, where you know that the Perps have little or no respect for the police and may do anything to avoid apprehension.
    Well, now I understand a bit more why they shoot first. I would probably do the same.
    Then, we as a society will blame the police, but WHO actually caused this?
    At the end of the day, policing is an unnecessarily high risk job, made so by the piss weak pollies who make the laws.
    The police do a fine job and need the respect of the pollies and the public. They are not political pawns and should not be treated as such.


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