Ram raids in Alice Springs


Police say they have arrested two youths following two ram raids early this morning.
Police allege a stolen vehicle drove towards members at speed, causing them to take evasive action.
At about 1:50am, Strike Force Winx members reported a ram raid in Larapinta. Members apprehended a 17-year-old male and a 13-year-old male was apprehended a short time later. Other youths fled the area.
Police say they located a large quantity of alcohol in the vehicle which is believed to be connected to a second ram raid which was reported to police around 2:00am in The Gap.
Both youths were expected to be charged with assaulting police and a range of other property offences this afternoon. Crime scenes were established and enquiries are continuing, police say.
Meanwhile police arrested two youths in an allegedly stolen motor vehicle.
Police say at about 4:50am this morning, members observed a reported stolen vehicle driving dangerously in the CBD.
Just after 5:00am, a tyre deflation device (TDD) was deployed, successfully spiking all tyres. The vehicle was later abandoned by the alleged offenders as they fled on foot. Two youths, aged 15 and 14 were later arrested and remain in police custody.
“Use of the TDD has again proved successful in assisting police with the recovery of a stolen vehicle and apprehension of alleged offenders,” police say.
Also today Leader of the Opposition, Gary Higgins, said: “Despite the Gunner government’s ongoing statements on being open and transparent with Territorians, the Chief Minister and Attorney-General have clearly covered up an escape and car theft that put the safety of Territorians at risk in April last year.
“Despite ordering a ‘critical incident review,’ this government seemingly did what it could to conceal the issue and it is time for the Minister responsible to explain herself and apologise to Territorians,” says Mr Higgins.
“This is the same Labor government which has slashed the budget for the successful Sentenced to a Job program and cut $8m from the most recent budget for Alcohol and Other Drugs funding.
“The question has to be asked whether this government is serious about corrections, serious about rehabilitation and serious about the safety of Territorians.
“It is simply not good enough to pass the blame on to public servants.”
UPDATE January 18
Mr Higgins said today about the escape: “This government has put the safety of Territorians at risk, by failing to reveal the true extent of the matter, including a high-speed car chase that ended up with the escaped prisoner being hospitalised.”



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