Police injured: Three incidents in one week


p2404 Danny Bacon 1Police have arrested two women after they allegedly assaulted a police officer in Alice Springs yesterday morning.
Acting Assistant Commissioner Danny Bacon (pictured) said the officer and three colleagues were conducting patrols of Anzac Hill about 2am.
“Members were speaking to the occupant of a car when a 22-year-old woman approached the vehicle yelling at officers.
“She was directed to move away, before she smashed a bottle of alcohol.
“While being arrested, the woman allegedly grabbed the female officer, dropping her to the ground. During a struggle, the officer received head and facial injuries.
“A 21-year-old woman then approached a police vehicle with a weapon. She ignored a direction to stop, and was subdued and arrested.”
Both women were taken to the Alice Springs watch house, while the officer was taken to the Alice Springs Hospital.
This was the third time in a week officers have been injured while on the job.
“Violence should not be inflicted upon anyone in their workplace – especially those who are there to protect and keep Territorians safe,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Bacon said.

– Police release.



  1. While the Government continues to allow attacks on police, things will get worse.
    Simply put, by having no serious penalties for attacks on police, our pollies are actually encouraging this disgusting behaviour.
    It will get to some point, where someone gets badly hurt!
    It is the employer’s lawful responsibility to provide a safe workplace, in this instance it’s the Government. While policing is of course a higher risk workplace, the Government still retains that responsibility, but more importantly should be held accountable when they neglect.
    By doing nothing, attacks on police will continue and unfortunately get worse.
    When some poor police officer shoots someone who is attacking them, all the do-gooders will be up in arms and the pollies will be running around like mice in a grain shed.
    The unfortunate police officer will be subjected to all sorts of shit, because they were simply going about their job and got attacked.
    Well, if I carried a gun in my job and had to use it, I would.
    So, yet another challenge for the gutless fat cats, protect the police in their jobs, come down heavy on those who assault police, or be prepared for what happens.

  2. What about the other side of the story where the police won’t help a citizen who is being abused because the police officers and security guards belong to certain churches and cult like groups who use their job to abuse people.
    Don’t tell me it cannot happen because it happen to me and the ones abusing me were in the police force and security guards but supported by the churches that were doing it.
    I can no longer find these people but I know their methodology and it often involves Scientology and the very rich.

  3. Beverley, you have clearly had a traumatic incident.
    My point though, is that the police need to ALWAYS be respected and supported in their jobs.
    They should not be above the law. If they break the law, they too should be held accountable.
    But, most police are professional and their job is to deliver the messages (rules) of the governments that we vote for. So, it’s unfair to attack the messengers.
    If we continue to encourage these attacks on the police as the government is now doing, we will end up in an ugly anarchical society with the ironic twist of hoping the police will help us.


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