Mum to represent Alice at world triathlon meet


2443 Kate McIntyre pic 1 OKBy ERWIN CHLANDA
The good news for 37-year-old Alice Springs wife, mum and small business employee Kate McIntyre is that she has qualified for the Triathlon World Championships in Canada in August, the only NT resident on the Aussie team.
The bad news is, she’s short of money. But the super fit athlete doesn’t see that as a hurdle: Her and her mates and supporters have set themselves a target of raising $8000 by the end of the month.
She is appealing to The Alice, her home for five years now, where she and her policeman husband are buying a house in the Eastside. They have a five year old son, Oliver.
Ms McIntyre is used to starting way behind and getting there. This is how she tells her story:-
2443 Kate McIntyre pic 2 OKI’m am a long time sufferer of anxiety and depression, currently managed by exercise and diet alone (not medicated). I have Triathlon and my training “tribe” to thank for this!
Pre 2015 I had no interest or involvement with any sport whatsoever, or anything remotely active. And I was terrible at sport as a kid – uncoordinated, no endurance etc.
But I started to feel like I needed some “me” time outside of the home, so took up spin class at the local gym.
I took part in my first triathlon in late 2015 – a Nano “come and tri” held by Alice Springs Triathlon Club: I swam breaststroke, rode a borrowed a hybrid bike, and walked most of the run.
But I was hooked and so the journey began.
Ms McIntyre can be contacted on 0408 256 393 or


  1. I also suffer with depression and could not afford to go away many years ago for my chosen sport.
    Sport is a great means of clearing the head. Just wondering if Kate was selected in her age group to represent Australia? Just curious as it didn’t say.
    I did read back about some other athletes that did quite well not too long ago? Could be wrong? Good luck.

  2. Kate, not only are you an incredible person, you’re an inspiration to so many people. You prove that dreams can be achieved.
    Wishing you all the best in Canada.

  3. Thank you so much Desi – you were essentially responsible for kickstarting me in triathlon (you even bought me my first cleats!) and your support has always been amazing!
    Dave Wilson: Yes, I have qualified for the Australian team, it blows my mind that this is possible! I really hope that I can get there 🙂 Thank you for the kind words.

  4. It is wonderful to hear that someone can break out of the depression cycle with determination and ability.
    I really like what she has been quoted as saying in that she manages her depression etc. with diet and exercise. Unlike the headline claiming she has overcome depression.
    Long term depression can’t be “overcome”. But it can be managed and this lady has shown us all how she has done that.
    I can only wish her success in her sport and a long, content life.


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