Keeping an eye on your house from afar


p2434 burglar alarm 1By ERWIN CHLANDA
A dramatic accident with a person trapped in a car was simulated by police, ambulance and emergency personnel at the safety expo organised by the police on Saturday, using the jaws of life to remove the vehicle’s roof.
But the star of the show was this gadget, looking a bit like D2R2, only smaller. It is pictured with stall holder Rod Teece.
The gadget, on sale for $460, and fixed to an outside wall, can detect movement, such as a burglar, zap him with its spotlight, and pan or tilt to track him.
It will ring an alert on his owner’s mobile phone and transmit video images of the intruder to that mobile phone, which in turn the owner would then use to ring the police.
If the creature detected is just the family dog the owner can see him and call off the Red Alert.
No surprise, break-ins and home invasions were the major theme of the expo on the council lawns, with three stalls offering related devices.
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