Council's decision on fracking 'questionable'


p2327-Dalton-Dupuy-2LETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – I attended last weeks council meeting and observed some pretty questionable decisions by that council; and not the least of it the rejection of their Environmental Advisory Committee recommendation on hydraulic fracturing.
The proposed 50,000 bores to extract gas with a water cost of 20 million litres per fracturing event is pretty scary when the bores are drilled through our water supply.
But the telling point were two decisions made at that meeting about the Eco Fair and a footpath.
ALEC had asked for $5,000 and some in kind support for the fair. The CLP voting block wanted to give them $2,500 and was overridden by the mayor and other councillors. Well done Damien!
The other approval was to build a 3m footpath from Totem theatre to the RSL Club for $178,000.
There is already a footpath there and is perfectly serviceable.
So I wonder about a council that reluctantly gives a very small amount of money for a community wide event with tourism, food security, energy savings and job implications and then passes a very large sum of money for a very short footpath.
If this is their priorities, we probably need a new council. But if the water supply is contaminated it will a moot point for no one will be living here.
Dalton Dupuy
Alice Springs


  1. And this allocation of funds / priorities follows the announced rate rise. No probably about it, Dalton. At the next local government election we really do need to sweep with a very wide broom.

  2. I remember when Alice had a Town Management Board displaying a “head in the sand” attitude when tourists were being assaulted around town for not having cigarettes to be given on demand. It would appear the same attitude is present now on fracking.


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