The Greens are wrong on station sale: MacFarlane


Tina MacFarlane By ERWIN CHLANDA
The CLP candidate for Lingiari, Tina MacFarlane, has described as wrong claims by the Greens that her family’s agricultural property has been sold “off-shore”.
The party’s campaign manager, Kristy Schubert, also claimed that the station has received a “contentious water license”.
Ms MacFarlane (pictured) says: “The family station Stylo was sold late last year to Tropical Forestry Services (TFS), an Australian company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.
“One would have to question the motivation of anyone making such a claim when the fact of who purchased the property is publicly available.”


  1. Surely the substantive issue isn’t who the allocation was sold to, but why Ms MacFarlane was able to secure a license for such a large amount of water she didn’t have a use for? She then immediately went looking for a buyer.
    Hell yeah, it’s a contentious grant. To the casual observer, it really does look like Tina’s mates gifted her water to boost the sale value of Stylo.
    Water trading within zones is an important part of appropriate management, but a large allocation for one purpose should not be transferable for another without any reassessment.
    Our water control processes need to be tight when it comes to transferring licenses. The Stylo allocation should be reviewed in the context of the new operator.

  2. Pathetic effort Tina MacFarlane. The appalling circumstances around the revised water allocations and the subsequent sell off of Stylo epitomize the joke that the CLP has become.
    How can anyone in their right mind think that the circumstances are not contentious?
    Some basic facts and figures would help this article, Alice News. We all know you don’t like Warren Snowdon, but pluuueese, don’t take readers for idiots!
    It is not just green voters that think the whole water deals thing stinks!
    Question for the MacFarlane Campaign Team: How much more did Stylo sell for due to the water rights you were handed by the CLP government?
    Let’s just leave that hanging will we?
    Bit like Alice News lack of coverage of the CLP treasurer to be.

  3. Dear anonymous “Sniff Test”: The purpose of this report is to give Tina MacFarland the right of reply to the inaccurate claim by the Greens that she has sold her station offshore.
    Despite several invitations from us the Greens have not provided a statement for publication explaining their claim.
    If you are seeking “facts and figures” about water availability and management you will find tens of thousands of words on the subject in our seven million word online archive – feel free to google it any time.
    Far from taking our readers for idiots, providing this comprehensive information, dating back to 1998 (and further in our print archive), acknowledges our readers’ quest for information about these issues.
    All along we are reporting under the by-lines of our actual names, and so do many of our comment writers who substantially add to the information presented in these pages.
    Erwin Chlanda, Editor

  4. Well Erwin, the Greens, like the Labor Party, are running a Say Nothing campaign in order to get in.
    The Labor / Greens team say nothing about the Budget, nothing about increased power bills when they get rid of gas and nothing, nothing at all on any other subject.
    Their tactic is just to heap outrage, something that they are good at, on the CLP for sexting blunders and other issues.
    I think voters will sack the CLP but have no idea what is in store for them because, well, we don’t know either, because they haven’t told us.

  5. @ Marcus: It should be pointed out that Labor and the Greens in the Territory are separate entities.
    The Greens have said nothing about the Barrett fiasco because it’s not their circus, not their monkey – they haven’t even preselected for the Territory election yet or even decided how many candidates they are running.
    What Barrett did wasn’t merely a blunder.
    Polling shows that many people in the Territory aren’t going to rush headlong to Labor in the Territory election. They simply haven’t done enough to cast themselves as a viable alternative and Gunner hasn’t exactly knocked the ball out of the ground when offered a juicy full toss outside off stump (and let’s be kind and describe Adam’s bowling at best as loose).
    In fact, my reading of it all is that an increasing number of people are looking for an “anything but” alternative to the major parties.
    As it stands right now, the CLP is really only looking secure in perhaps one seat, with current members in two other seats perhaps jumping ship to become independents in the not too distant future.
    It’s not looking much brighter for Labor either – perhaps eight seats look safe for them.
    Five other seats look certain to go to independents.
    That leaves 11 seats in the mix, with independents a realistic chance in at least six of them.
    A good mate with close Labor ties told me today they were thinking along the lines of 18 seats. That won’t happen.
    At this stage, 12-all for Labor and independents with one CLP is as possible a permutation as any.
    There is still nine and a half weeks to run and anything can happen, of course.
    It’s hard to believe things can improve for the CLP – there are way too many unexploded mines out there still – but Gunner will find it hard to pull a rabbit out of his hat while he’s wearing a little cap with a propellor on top.


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