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Roo Roger's latest trick makes world news

p2244-Roger-the-kangarooBy ERWIN CHLANDA
There’s no stopping the world wide fame of Roger, the Kangaroo.
His latest party trick is crushing the metal bucket in which his dinner is served to him by owner, Chris Barns, of the Alice Springs Kangaroo Sanctuary.
Mr Barns says tens of millions of people around the globe, online, via newspapers and television, have caught up with the BBC star’s latest antic.
Today, for example, his picture is in the Huffington Post. He’s starred in the Daily Mirror and CNN in the USA is covering him tonight.
Roger and Mr Barns are shooting their third TV series, top-rating on the BBC, called Kangaroo Dundee.
Does he crush cans often? “He’d like to,” says Mr Barns, “but I’m running out of money buying new ones from Bunnings.”
The sanctuary’s Facebook site has some 37,000 likes and today Mr Barns is fielding enquiries about Roger from China and Hong Kong.
“It’s just in a day’s work for Roger,” he says.
The two meter tall roo made headlines last time when he hugged a soft toy Easter bunny.
The crushing photo appeared on May 21 on Facebook. “Then someone picked it up, somewhere in the world, and off it went.”
Roger was not available this afternoon, says Mr Barns. He’s asleep, getting ready for his nocturnal shenanigans, just after “breakfast” at 4pm – if his bucket survives!



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