Will the NT also stop funding outstations?


p2113-Michael-GunnerLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – The Federal Government and the CLP will walk away from continuing to fund outstations and remote bush communities.
This Federal budget is a real disaster for Territorians who live on remote communities and outstations.
The one off payment flagged in this budget will see Tony Abbott walk away from the hollow commitment he gave to be the prime minister for Indigenous Australians.
Adam Giles has been a spectacular failure in negotiating with Tony Abbott on getting a good deal for remote living Territorians.
His continuing failure could force remote communities to close and create further dislocation across the Territory.
The West Australian premier said he would shut those communities down.
In light of the recent decisions by the Federal Government in their budget and their hospital pass on remote communities and outstations, the CLP must say whether they will continue to fund outstations and remote communities and the essential services.
The 2015 federal budget includes a $155 million payment for the Northern Territory to take “full responsibility” for delivering municipal and essential services in remote communities.
It looks like an “upfront sweetener” before making the NT Government pick up the bill into the future.
The Federal Government has a responsibility to help fund remote communities and they can’t walk away from it. The Territory Government can’t afford to carry the load on its own.
More than 10,000 people live on more than 500 homelands and outstations across the NT.
Michael Gunner (pictured)

Opposition Leader


  1. What a pathetic comment! No government, federal or territory, has managed to solve the problems in the remote communities for decades.
    The seemingly endless funding from mines, Federal and territory governments, including sit down money, has not solved this problem and will not solve it; it has made it, and will make it, worse.
    Both sides of politics know that. The cycles of welfare dependency, of handing out millions of dollars by governments and mines to Aboriginal corporations and paternalistic policies “looking after” the communities need to stop.
    It’s time to allow (or force) residents to take co-responsibility. The many tens of millions of dollars in their own corporations may help to effectuate that co-responsibility.
    The Federal government needs to be commended for a more firm approach.
    The fact that the opposition leader cannot come up with even ONE suggestion in his letter, how to do it differently, shows the point. It’s time to stop blowing political hot air and to wake up to the real facts.

  2. People choosing to live in rural or remote areas need accept their level of services may be less than for those living in larger towns or cities.
    Only dishonesty is required to suggest otherwise.
    Improving things requires honesty, not promises unlikely to be kept.
    Michael Gunner rather than concentrating on being Opposition Leader needs participate in public discussions where set out for communities which population levels enable which level of services.
    Example IF 500 homeless families drive to Kulgera and make their home camping there, how long will they wait to obtain what services ?
    What types of new community contribution is required?
    Or is it, what will be done to move them on ?

  3. It’s strange why the Labor party still thinks that REAL WORKING people want to vote for political parties that want to fund these grubby little outstations where no one can get a job.
    I work: 1 full job + 1 part time job (Saturday).
    Partner works: 3 part time jobs (weekends).
    Gunner, you and your mates don’t support our working family, we don’t support you.
    Australia needs a UKIP party, one that really supports workers like me. Labor failed us years ago.

  4. For many years now Aboriginal people living a traditional or semi-traditional lifestyle, have been lulled into a false sense of security. By do-gooders and the misguided. And by the ignorant and the mischievous. (alb. c. 06/2013.)


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