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Funding for stage one of Oz's longest shortcut

Sir – Funding for Stage 1 of the Northern Territory section of the Outback Way has today been approved by the Australian Government, as was announced at a function for Parliamentary Friends of the Outback Way event in Canberra, chaired by Outback Highway Development Council chair Patrick Hill.
More than $6.6 million has been approved to seal about 16 kilometres of sections on Tjukaruru Road and the Plenty Highway along the Outback Way route over the next two years.
The Outback Way is a vital artery for the freight and tourism industries in the Territory, providing a transnational link across the heart of Australia, connecting Laverton in Western Australia to Winton in Queensland.
Currently, the roads close for an average of two to seven days after each significant rain event, which is devastating for freight operators and even worse for the remote communities that rely on the route.
Our commitment to the Outback Way will keep more of the route open during the wet season, which will help drive the Territory’s economy over the summer months.
Today’s funding approval is part of the Australian Government’s $20 million commitment to the Outback Way in the Northern Territory, which is being matched by the Northern Territory Government.
Further funding approvals for projects on the Northern Territory section of the Outback Way are expected later this year.
Warren Truss (pictured),
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development.


  1. I went to a media event in the middle of nowhere – somewhere near Tobermory Station – in around 1982.
    Present were two Territory Ministers and one of the All Stars from Canberra.
    They unveiled a 25-year plan to have Winton to Laverton sealed. It was the first time the CLP lied to me.
    One would think I would be used to it by now.

  2. @ The Barkly Magpie: Even a further 25 Year plan from now seems rather ambitious based on 16 km of seal per two years. Nothing to get too excited about. Users will have all the delays minus the benefits to come decades ahead, at this rate of “progress”.

  3. @ Bruce: Agreed. The problem is it was a fantastic and visionary idea back then and remains a great idea now.
    I am just not sure how supportive WA has been right from the start and who can blame them – anything that makes it easier for Queenslanders to get anywhere other than Queensland is not necessarily a good thing.

  4. What are the odds that the money for a connector pipeline will be found before too much more work is done on the Outback Way?

  5. 25 years? If I live that long I will get 100 years congratulatory cards from royalty and pollies before it is finished.


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