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'Giles government worst in nation'

p2106ken-vowlesLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – The CLP Government is the most dysfunctional administration anywhere in Australia.
Two years into Government the scorecard tells a story of rank incompetence, arrogance and chaos.
The CLP has torn up every election commitment and overseen rising cost of living, rising unemployment, frontline jobs slashed across the public service, 340 businesses hit the wall and no major land releases while housing costs rise.
Without a mandate the CLP have split up PowerWater, increased tariffs and are preparing our public assets of the Port, TIO and power retail and generation for sale.
Since the last election in 2012, the Territory has had:
• Two Chief Ministers.
• Four Deputy Chiefs (now vacant).
• Four Treasurers.
• Four Education Ministers.
• Three Business Ministers.
• Three Employment Ministers.
• Three Local Government Ministers, and
• Two Health Ministers.
Incredibly, the next reshuffle will be the 7th reshuffle in two years and Territorians are rightly asking when will this Government get its act together?
In the past week alone the CLP has lost two votes on the floor of Parliament just by sheer ineptitude and on Friday lost their Treasurer and Deputy Chief Minister after his outrageous gay slur.
If you can’t run your own party, you can’t run the Territory.
In two years their seats in Parliament have crashed from 16 to 13 because of their broken promises to the bush and extreme internal divisions.
The Giles Government was the worst in Territory history.
The only good news for Territorians is that the strength of the economy due to Labor’s effort in oil and gas and onshore resources will underpin economic growth.
Ken Vowles (pictured)
Shadow Minister for Government Accountability


  1. As a past CLP voter, it is hard to disagree with you Ken Vowles. But I wouldn’t get too cocky, it’s easy to throw rocks at ‘what is’ from Opposition – as Adam and Matt are learning.
    It is the half way point for this crowd. This means it’s time for you and your party to stop raving about what the CLP isn’t doing (yes, which is lots) and start demonstrating solutions and a viable alternative for the public come next election.
    It is only yours to loose at this rate. I for one, will never vote CLP again as long as Giles is in the leadership. That said, you won’t automatically get my vote. I’d rather give it to Alison for encouragement if Labor does offer a credible unified team and vision.

  2. That is such a funny position coming from the ALP. Dysfunctional is a perquisite for Labor. Surely using a shadow spokesman’s comments for your headline is showing as much objectivity as the ABC. Time to grow up a little!
    [ED – Thank you for your comment, Margaret. However, that’s exactly how the writer put it. Don’t shoot the messenger, please!]


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