Noise 'deafening' from school basketball court



Sir – I have some unanswered questions regarding the shed structure for the basketball courts at Centralian Middle School.
I believe the structure was put up several years ago.
I’ve been told no warning was given to the residents in the immediate vicinity.
I personally believe the structure is of poor design. It acts as a loud speaker when students are playing on courts.
The noise generated is deafening. I personally have spent a vast amount of money on my house trying to insulate my house from the noise.
I would question the authority which approved the design.
On a personal note, the stress generated, I believe sent my mother to an early grave.
Ron Kern
Alice Springs
Update June 11, 7pm:-
When asked to comment by the Alice Springs News Online, Minister Peter Chandler provided the following answers:-
• The Department of Education 2010-11 capital works program included a project for an upgrade to blocks A and G, a cover over basketball courts, a new Clontarf building and installation of a new lift, with the total project budget $2,119, 657.
• The basketball court hard cover was completed in 2010. It was built to provide sun protection for students. The work was undertaken by the Department of Infrastructure for the Department of Education.
• The project required compliance approval but not development consent, as the buildings were permitted under the planning scheme.
• Post construction, a complaint was received from a resident (since deceased) about the noise created by children who were taking advantage of the covered basketball court after hours. Formal mediation took place between the department and the complainant.
• An agreement was reached whereby the school would prevent before and after hours access (i.e. after 5.30pm use of the covered basketball court). A secure fence was erected to aid the prevention of the use of the facility after hours.
• Mr Ron Kern (son of the original complainant) recently encountered children using the facility after hours.
• Andrew Leslie (acting Regional Director and principal of CMS) has arranged to meet with Mr Kern this Friday 13 June 2014 to discuss his concerns and to listen to Mr Kern’s ideas to reduce noise.
• Following the meeting Mr Leslie will provide feedback to Planning and Infrastructure.


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