Taxpayers happy in 2014


p2141richardbentleyOKThose who spent Friday afternoon behind the wheel may have heard news (ABC Radio) that a majority of Australians are now happy to pay their taxes.
This information was obtained by progressive Think Tank Per Capita in a recent survey.
Previous surveys suggested that the majority thought our taxes were too high.
According to the Per Capita report, “rather than saying they pay too much, Australians now claim they are paying about the right amount of tax, and their support for higher public spending has risen”.
I would suggest this is good news for Alice Springs residents because so many of us are reliant directly or indirectly on public expenditure. Be it defence spending, policing or welfare payments Alice Springs would be a shadow of itself without this public investment.
This public investment supports private investment. Our retail and service industries do well when taxpayer funded programmes are rolling out.
With the cutbacks comes pain not just for those directly affected, but also for those further down the food chain.


  1. I have just attended the Bust the Budget rally in Melbourne. How about having one in Alice Springs? The proposed changes and cuts will affect everyone there, probably more so than in other areas of the country.


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