Leo Abbott quits CLP to stand against Bess Price


Well-known political figure Leo Abbott resigned from the CLP this morning to stand as an independent against Bess Price in Stuart, in the 2016 Territory elections.
Mr Abbott, an Arrernte man from Wallace Rockhole, says he is supporting the campaign of the three Aboriginal MLAs headed by Alison Anderson, who recently quit the party in protest over what they describe as the Giles government’s failure to deliver services to the bush.
Ms Price, a Warlpiri woman, remains in the government.
Mr Abbott, standing for the CLP, narrowly lost to Labor’s Warren Snowdon in the Federal seat of Lingiari in 2010. Mr Abbott says the voters of Alice Springs cost him the victory.
He says he supported Chief Minister Adam Giles when he contested Lingiari in 2007 but has since lost faith in the policies of the “blow-in”, including the “shocking” handling of the three defections recently.
Despite the key role bush MLAs played in the CLP victory last year “nothing’s been delivered, nothing’s been done in the bush,” says Mr Abbott .
The CLP member since 2007 says the focus of the government remains on the Top End, and Alice Springs, too, is missing out.
“We need action, not just nice words in media releases. We need people willing and able to sit down with us and talk with us frankly. And deliver the talk and the hype,” says Mr Abbott.


  1. Leo, it was Terry Mills who deliberately set his plan in motion against the party, and with the intent to ensure you did not win the seat.
    He not only sabotaged your win he also ensured that the Liberal party lost to Labor.
    Terry Mills has finally resigned and now the party needs to heal and forgive and get behind the Giles government for the good of the Territory.

  2. I have to really wonder about the intelligence of all these so called “want to be” politicians. What about the First Nations Party. Now you have another Aboriginal party by disgruntled no ones! Nothing but chaos, chaos, chaos!

  3. Well, it would seem absolutely no one cared or even paid any attention to this.
    It would seem all Leo might have done is lose the last piece of support he had. What a silly man.

  4. I agree Aaron, we will indeed see a lot more of this. Alison’s new party based on primary loyalty to the bush communities is likely to grow rapidly to encompass much of remote NT.
    They will be a formidable group with a high capacity to win seats, especially when pitted against Aboriginal members who have stayed loyal to a party seen as anti-bush. They will be a powerful force in NT politics.

  5. Nevertheless someone has to get up and do something, and why not Leo! Maybe he’ll make a positive change a voice with meaning and some actions to follow that will be beneficial for all remote or major towns? Leo must be quite a challenge for them! “Great job keep doing what you believe in … go go go.”

  6. I have full support for Leo. Always have. I am concerned that Alison is aligning with the land councils and will be a puppet for them. I hope that Leo gets to the truth of who Alison is answering to. There needs to be transparency.
    I hope that Libs federally finally let the land councils loose. And the Feds need to explain to the people of Australia why land councils have full control of shires in the Territory. Working relationships are fine. My issue is land councils control that removes the voices of the elders and the people.

  7. First Nations Political Party must be so disappointed with Leo, Alison, Larissa and Francis. After establishing a First Nations Political Party in order to get a voice in the house, no-one wants to sit with them, the opportunity to boost the ranks and profile of the FNPP has gone begging.


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