Will Blain win put Giles at risk?


I wonder just how much the recent Blain by-election will work in our Chief Minister’s favour.
By holding the seat for the CLP, Nathan Barrett has ensured that the current government will see out its term of office without having to rely on Independent Gerry Wood. It also means there won’t be a promise of no change in the leadership as the price of MLA Wood’s support.
This means that Adam Giles can now be replaced as leader of the CLP at any time, and the Chief Minister of the NT would then once again be from a Darwin electorate. This is the way it’s always been, and I expect that by the time the next general election rolls around, this is how it will be again.
It seems the knives are now out for MLA Bess Price. I don’t live in Stuart so I don’t know how good she is as a local member. What I do know is that once last year I wrote to her as Minister for Parks and Wildlife asking that bicycles be allowed to enter the Telegraph Station Reserve along the Todd River from the southeast corner. Soon after, the sign forbidding bikes entry there was gone, and now we learn that the mountain bike trails in the hills around Alice and through the Telegraph Station Reserve have received a major boost from the Minister for Parks and Wildlife.
Minor issues aside, I have long considered Ms Price to be a woman of exceptional integrity and courage. I don’t know if she has the personal following of Alison Anderson, who I expect could run as the drover’s dog and get re-elected, but I wish her well.
And lastly, a quick look at something that is happening in China. I wonder if the answer to our remote housing crisis is around the corner. Admittedly the design shown is basic and could do with some adapting, and even if not an entire house, all the components could be made this way.
The idea of 3d printing is sound. It’s gaining acceptance around the world in leaps and bounds and the recycling component in this one is huge.


  1. I guess it comes down to one basic principal, huh Hal. Is Alice better with Giles as Chief? The answer is easily seen and understood living and walking around town – No, it’s not. Lambley did a better job for Alice from the Deputy role. The sad reality is, they can’t afford “another” leader change. They should be sticking with Giles. If that means a loss, as so many predict, then at least then he may learn a thing or two about leadership for when he goes for the Federal seat to play with the big boys, like he’s always wanted.

  2. @Aaron
    I agree with most of what you say.
    Alice is not noticeably better off with Giles as Chief Minister.
    Lambley was a better advocate for Alice, and would be again if given a chance.
    And the CLP cannot afford another leadership change, except for one thing – Lawrie as leader of the ALP is uninspiring. I question if they can win with her leading the ALP ticket.
    So for now I will stick to my prediction that the CLP will be led into the next general election with a leader seated in a Top End electorate.
    However, if two weeks is a long time in politics, two years is an eternity. So much can happen with so many spoilers at play in the NT. Most of our electorates can turn on a handful of votes.


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