Alice Springs airport expands solar power station


Sir – The Alice Springs Airport is rolling out the second stage of its renewable energy strategy with an expansion of its solar power station. Construction on the new 325kw photovoltaic system commenced this month.
The project, valued at $1.9 million, includes the installation of steel structures that will serve the dual purpose of mounting the solar panels and providing shaded, premium car parking.
The airport currently receives about a quarter of its power needs from its existing 235kW power station which was completed in 2010.
The additional 996 panels, which will cover half the existing long term car park, will more than double the airport’s capacity to produce its own power and will offset the equivalent of 420 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.
The extra PV panels will produce enough energy to power 90 homes for a year, which is a significant contribution to our electricity demand.
BenQ mono-crystalline modules were chosen for their superior performance in high heat as well as their black appearance, which reduces glare.
The shade structures have been designed to accommodate most of the vehicles we’re used to seeing in Central Australia — four wheel drives complete with roof racks will have no problems fitting underneath.
Local company Sitzler has been appointed as contractor for the project, which is expected to be opened in June.
Katie Cooper
Airport General Manager


  1. I congratulate the airport on its support of renewable energy and not repeating the visual environmental pollution that exsists with the current solar panels. Solar panels should be on existing buildings or in this situation on shades for cars. Gold star.

  2. In regards to “the visual environmental pollution that exists”: We love it … next year it will be “art”. The following year “heritage”. lol.


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