18 Clontarf Year 12 graduates


The Clontarf Foundation had good reason for being in high spirits at Larapinta Oval this morning: 18 participants in the sports-driven educational initiative will be finishing Year 12 soon.
About 100 boys and young men were up early to kick the footy, dabble in rugby and try their hand with the cricket bat in the super training held four times a year.
The participating schools are Yirara College, Centralian Senior College and Centralian Middle School, open for students from Year 7 to 12.
Six Tennant Creek students were also present.
The morning finished with a cooked breakfast assisted by the Rotary Club of Stuart. – ERWIN CHLANDA


  1. What a good news story, thanks Erwin. Clontarf is a great program for getting these young blokes to continue their schooling. There is also a sister program at Centralian Senior College, the Girls Academy which does similar good work for young women. More power to both initiatives and all the schools involved.

  2. Thanks for covering this Erwin.
    As an ex-NT teacher for whom Clontarf was definitely a boon incentive for those of us teaching those integral but often misunderstood subjects such as English, it is wonderful to hear of success like this.
    My heart felt congratulations to both the students and the staff involved.


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