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Giles 'rolled' by his own side

Sir – CLP Chief Minister Adam Giles’ leadership suffered a major blow when he was rolled by his own side amid Question Time chaos [yesterday].
He went too far with his arrogance in shutting down Question Time 15 minutes early simply because he didn’t like being questioned on Power Water price hikes and sackings.
Under sustained pressure from the Opposition when plans to push up power network price hikes by 58% next year were revealed.
In an extraordinary back flip the CLP members then supported an Opposition motion to reverse Adam Giles’ appalling and arrogant move to suspend question time. His actions were a disgraceful attempt to guillotine democracy, is extraordinary and unprecedented behaviour.
To then have Adam Giles rolled by his own CLP colleagues signals his leadership has entered a terminal phase. In no other Parliament has a sitting leader been rolled on the floor by their own colleagues in a stunning and humiliating rebuke to the Chief Minister.
Adam Giles’ grip on the CLP leadership was already tenuous with the numbers for Terry Mills being counted on a daily basis.
Delia Lawrie
Opposition Leader


  1. Um, is this the same lady who ‘shut down’ Bess Price in Parliament, a while ago, when Bess had a very important message to get across ?


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