Crime scene investigators check every unlawful entry


Sir – Detectives from Strike Force Vega have made more than 270 arrests as part of a crack down on property crime in Alice Springs and there has been a significant reduction in property crime in Alice Springs, particularly unlawful entries.
Dedicated property crime investigators work closely with crime scene examiners to scrutinise every unlawful entry and use forensic evidence to target those responsible for this type of offending.
Strike Force Vega commenced in February and during the past eight months investigators have made 274 arrests, cleared 1,148 offences and executed 93 warrants of apprehension.
It is a testament to the hard work by Alice Springs Police who are focussed on reducing property crime.
It is only a matter of time before Strike Force Vega catches up with those offenders.
Members of the community can also help by ensuring your home and vehicles are locked and store your car keys and valuable items in a safe place.
I continue to encourage members of the public to report any suspicious behaviour to police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
Peter Malley
Detective Acting Superintendent


  1. Don’t worry Alice Springs, we will take the kids home and let them go.
    The reason the number is so high is because they can arrest and release the same children multiple times in the same night.
    Think about it, 1148 offences, attributed to 274 arrests? Just over four offences per arrest… CRAZY.


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