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Expensive by-election, date set

The by-election to replace former Alice Springs Town Councillor Geoff Booth will be on Saturday, November 23.
Cr Booth resigned following revelation of his plans to set up an escort agency and controversy over whether his permanent address was indeed in Alice Springs.
It will cost  the Town Council around $92,000.
This includes a 15 per cent “corporate overhead” of $12,000 imposed on municipal councils by the Northern Territory Government.
CEO, Rex Mooney has taken this up this extra impost with the Electoral Commissioner.


  1. I wish Rex Mooney good luck when he questions the $12,000 “corporate overhead” imposed on local councils by the NT Government.
    Are they mad, that lot up there in Darwin? Do they think we have money to throw away? A by-election a decade ago cost about $30,000. That was expensive enough, but to triple it is excessive, especially when 15% of that tripling is a grab by Darwin for money for jam.
    Better we do away with by-elections and find someone to serve out the term.
    We could do that by returning to the results of the last municipal election and offering the vacant position to whoever was next in line.

  2. Apologies. The “corporate overhead” is $12,000 of the $92,000 total for the by-election.
    Still, it’s money for jam.

  3. Is Mr Booth enrolled to vote in the election?
    I am wondering if he actually lives in WA or the NT now.
    Also, whom does he support? I want to know whom not to vote for!


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