Councillors have open mind on landfill relocation


Coucillor Jade Kudrenko (pictured) says discussion about relocating the landfill is an example of “strategic foresight” which is a responsibility of the town council.
But she says she is reserving her opinion until a “fairly compelling case” is made for the move because a lot of money has recently been spent on the existing tip.
Also, a new site would need to be found. She said she would be interested in seeing a report from council officers.
Meanwhile Cr Chansey Paech (pictured) says he is “open to discussion with other elected members” should another site be identified.
“I do however support the transfer station remaining where it is currently,” he says. (Other commentators have also said the transfer station should stay, for the convenience of the public.)
There would need to be a full costing including of the transport to a site out of town.
“Another matter would  be coming up with funds to purchase a new site, which could prove difficult,” says Cr Paech.


  1. At no stage have I called for the relocation of the waste transfer station, such a station needs to be somewhere fairly close and central.
    I think the present site has those requirements covered.
    I am simply asking that we set about finding a new location for dumping the non recyclable left over garbage, other than at the front door of our town!
    A relocation will also give us an opportunity to create a disposal site that meets 21st century environmental requirements!
    My expectation is that there would be no cost to the council for the additional land as that should be made available by the NT Government.
    There will of course be cost associated with setting up a modern disposal facility – those cost would also apply to the new area alongside the existing facility should we choose to use it.
    The only extra cost in what I propose will be in the transport of the waste from the station to the new disposal area.
    There is nothing new in what I propose. Virtually every city in the country operates this way. It’s a simple case of taking the garbage out instead of allowing it to sit on the front porch. Makes for a much nicer household don’t you think?


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