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Coles carpark accused driver refused bail


Judge Meredith Huntingford yesterday refused an application for bail by Dylan Palmer, 19, who is facing criminal charges arising from alleged events in the Coles carpark on Tuesday.

She said in the Alice Springs Magistrate’s Court Mr Palmer has a “significant prior record as a youth” including inflicting serious harm, engaging in violent conduct and aggravated assault.

“There are also some property damage matters.

“The defendant has breached bail in the past. There is a lot of evidence of failures to appear,” said Judge Huntingford.

She said she would take into account in her decision on granting bail that “count one is a serious offence … the Crown case is relatively strong, relying as it does on some independent evidence apparently.”

It is likely that a conviction would result in gaol sentence and that a previous suspended sentence would need to be served.

“There is some prospect the defendant will not appear in court.”

Judge Huntingford said the bail proposal suggests that the defendant would live at Harts Range with Louise Webb: “I am not convinced that that proposal would meliorate this risk. There is no electronic monitoring at Harts Range. There is a police station there which is only staffed on a part-time basis.”

Judge Huntingford said while she is satisfied of Ms Webb’s bona fides she is “not convinced” that the defendant has always listened to her.

If bail is denied the defendant could be in jail for six months while the matter is dealt with by the courts but she has not seen evidence of satisfactory arrangements for the defendant if he is released on bail.

“It is very likely that he will not follow these bail conditions. History shows that in the past he has committed a number of violent offences including offences in public.”

In the light of the current allegations previous arrangements for bail at Harts Range “have apparently failed.

“It is said that if the defendant is in Harts Range there will be limited access to alcohol and that reduces the risk of re-offending.

“In the material before the court I have no way of guaranteeing this defendant will remain in Harts Range.”

Judge Huntingford said she is aware that alcohol does get into dry communities.

In this case there is a presumption of bail being refused unless (amongst other conditions) the judge is persuaded it should be granted.

Judge Huntingford concluded: “The presumption is not overcome and bail is refused.”

She adjourned the case to September 3.

PHOTO: Police block off access to the Coles carpark after alleged offences by a dangerous driver.

Last updated 23 August 2021, 8.05am.


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