LETTER: Canberra should foot all of renal services bill


Sir – Warren Snowdon and the Gillard government should stop playing politics with Indigenous renal services. They should pick up the full cost now and not expect the NT taxpayer to bear the burden.
It is typical of them to pay just the upfront cost so they can claim the credit and leave if it to us to foot the ongoing bill.
After all the NT government cupboard was left bare by Warren Snowdon’s big spending mates in the NT Labor government. But even they had the sense to refuse to bail out Snowdon’s plan.
And to add insult to injury the Gillard Labor government is now planning to take away over  $100m of GST funding meant for NT Indigenous services.
As the responsible Gillard government Minister, Snowdon, should come clean and explain his failure of leadership on renal care services in the Territory rather than try to blame everyone else.
As a result of Federal Labor, the NT Government will only receive $2.4m for Central Australian renal care not the promised $13m.
Providing accommodation and facilities needed for patients being treated for renal care should have been given  on-going funding by Federal Labor.
Tina MacFarlane
CLP candidate for Lingiari


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