SEXUAL ASSAULT CASE, FURTHER UPDATE: Youth in court should not have been in Alice Springs at time of alleged offending.


A youth charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle – the same stolen vehicle that was allegedly used in relation to the alleged sexual assault of two European tourists last week –  should not have been in Alice Springs.
The youth had come before Magistrate Greg Borchers in March on other matters and was ordered to live at an outstation with his grandparents, and not to leave unless he was ill, had permission of his parole officer or was in the company of those grandparents.
Today the court heard that the youth was arrested at another grandmother’s house at a town camp in Alice Springs.
Magistrate Borchers, hearing a mention of the unlawful use of a motor vehicle charge in the Youth Justice Court today, urged the police to give “serious consideration” to charging the grandmother for “complicity” in assisting the youth to breach orders of the court.
The youth’s name was suppressed, but only because the names had been suppressed of two other youths charged over the assault on the tourists. Magistrate Borchers dismissed the youth’s defence lawyer’s concerns that publication of his name could prejudice his chance of a fair trial if he is later charged with more serious offences.  He said other people whose names have been known to the public have had fair trials in Alice Springs.
The police prosecutor told the court that there is an ongoing investigation of the youth in relation to the other matters. The youth was remanded in detention, to appear again on Monday.
His grandmother (not the one who lives in Alice Springs) attended court with the youth. A young woman and a baby were also present. The youth played with the baby while waiting for Magistrate Borchers to arrive.
Another youth, charged with two counts of sexual intercourse without consent and two counts of deprivation of liberty as well as a string of other offences, appeared briefly before Magistrate John Birch also in the Youth Justice Court today. His name and identifying details were also suppressed.
The other offences with which he is charged are: entering a dwelling with the intent to commit an offence, two counts of stealing, aggravated unlawful use of a motor vehicle, damage to property and aggravated robbery.
He was remanded in detention. His matter will next be heard in July.
The first youth arrested over the sexual assault matter appeared in court last Friday.


  1. Further proof more police will not assist our current issue of lawlessness. We need to address the courts inability to protect the community from the criminals. By the mere fact that our corrective services are over populated, short staffed and no where [to go for criminals]. How many more have been released onto our streets. Time for public outrage where through the courts criminals’ rights are placed above those of the victims.


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