Leadership spill in Lhere Artepe


Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation has a new chairman, Ian McAdam (pictured left), who is replacing Brian Stirling (pictured right), according to an executive member of the group.
Noel Kruger remains as one vice-chairman and Michael Liddle has been appointed as the second.
Eight of the 12 executive members have survived the shake-up, while four new ones have been appointed, including Ian Conway, one of the leading reformers of the town’s native title group.
The changes follow years of turmoil within the group, and recently the sacking of CEO Darryl Pearce, to whom Mr Stirling was close.
The source says more decisions will be made on Monday.
The changes have been approved by the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, according to the source.
Mr McAdam works for the education department and is the assistant director, Alice Springs Football Academy – The Clontarf Foundation. He is also a participant in the Desert Knowledge leadership program (its website is the source of Mr McAdam’s photo).


  1. You have a big job in your hands Mr McAdam. Get an auditor in there immediately, you should really look at the bank statements over the last four years and who has been booking up all the fuel an Alice Springs service station?

  2. Agree. Get a full forensic audit done and stop the blame but how about checking out who the real TOs are?


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