1. The chairperson Pat Miller should resign immediately. We need to get the police involved to investigate what has really been going on.

  2. I agree with William Craig that Pat Miller should resign and ORIC should take a look at who are legitimate traditional owners and not ones who jump on the bandwagon.

  3. So you are trying to tell me (in one line) CLC got the TOs wrong many many years ago when a lot of old people were around to verify theire knowledge and heritage. Pfft! The TOs have been identified for years. There are names of people on these emails and in the stories that have come out of the proverbial wood work seeking the claim other people’s country. You all should be embarrassed which I can see you are clearly not and you insult your own elders and neglect your own heritage. I think its time to get over it.

  4. T/O: Why don’t you put your name on your comment? Or are you one of them five minute blackfellas, too?

  5. Well, I’m a traditional owner of Alice Springs and I went to a couple of meetings and to see all these new faces that were sitting there. I was shocked, people that didn’t even recognize themselves as Aboriginals, people – yes – out of the woodwork. In my opinion get people in there that are not related to any of the TOs, give it up to people that can run a business properly. This is embarrassing arguing amongst ourselves. We are there on display all the time and what do we do play into the hands of others ALL THE TIME.

  6. You’re missing my point … it’s not who I am … it’s who you are that needs to be ascertained.

  7. Reading all this crap is so petty you’s all need to get a life and find something better in life to do. We don’t have to put crap up for everybody to read because we know who the real TOs are.

  8. Real t/o? Not. Yes, there are a lot of old people still alive. They can tell you some of these people have nothing to do with Alice Springs. How far is Stirling Station from Alice Springs?

  9. I totally agree with William Craig’s comment. CLC has been stirring trouble amongst Arrernte people for many years. They do not obtain the original documentation of who are the TOs. I’m a traditional land carer, as my title states that I take care of country, not own it … that’s the difference. Being a traditional owner means that you have to participate in cultural ceremony, speak the language of the land, dance and sing the cultural path of stories old.
    As for you Real TO you need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror. My families lived out in the bush, whereas yours lived in houses in the township of Alice, being desperate housewives, and did not want to be a part of full blood. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
    I lived my life on my Ancestors’ land, I was taught by my grandmothers and storieds told by my grandfather. Where were you so called black fellas when my grandparents needed your help?
    It is all about who you know, not what you know.
    Suburban blackfellas are only in it for the money, cause they got mortgage to pay.
    I’m a hard working Arrernte woman, I know who I am, I speak the language of the land. I speak many desert dialect, I have my cultural PhD … what about you?
    William Craig grew up with traditional Arrernte people, who do you think you are for judging him?

  10. In response to : A/S
    Posted January 16, 2012 at 6:33 pm
    Reading all this crap is so petty you’s all need to get a life and find something better in life to do. We don’t have to put crap up for everybody to read because we know who the real TOs are.
    Did your friends (The real TOs) find out about their Aboriginality by reading from a book about traditional Arrernte people’s stories and their ties to the land? We are finding something better to do for our lives and our children. You’re the one I feel pity for. (Pity is the correct spelling not Petty.)
    Next time refer to the dictionary.

  11. In reponse to: A real TO.
    Posted January 16, 2012 at 2:51 pm
    You’re missing my point … it’s not who I am … it’s who you are that needs to be ascertained.
    William Craig is well known by his traditional Arrernte families. YOU need to be ascertained. You the one who is missing the point.

  12. New subject; get a life. FYI I do have a culturally based, family oriented cultural life, thank you very much. It is you who are boring and needs to find a your cultural life. Obviously you have no cultural sense of belonging in this town that is dominated by language groups.
    Kunye, Have a good day.

  13. Five minute Real T/O: Go see a doco called Changing Races. That should shut you up.
    OK, five minute Real T/O. Tell me what group did MOST of the singing and dancing at the Yeperenye festival. Antulye men and women. And if you know so much about Aranda law, you should know that to talk for land you have to be an Aranda law man. I can see two boys on that list.

  14. Kemarre must be a real BLACK FELLA. This Arrente person must really know what they are talking about. Real T/O (NOT), how come you want to change the subject now? There may be a few people packing their toothbrush ready to go to the slammer!

  15. Please follow your family tree and find out where your grandfather really come from. Shame shame shame. Speak the language, know the dance song, show your painting of the land.

  16. In response to Napanangka
    Posted March 5, 2012, Dear Napangka, this is a matter for ARRERNTE people of this country to say their opinion. We are on ARRERNTE gounds. We certainly have our FAMILY TREE located at Strehlow’s Research centre. We have our dance and welcomes all language groups to join in in happy, friendly manner and respect to each other. We paint our ancestors’ design upon our body to represent our families from the past, present and into the future. We sing our songs of this great ARRERNTE land and everything within. We were once strong tribal allies in the past. What changed? People’s attitudes and grog and politics. Please do not lecture us ARRERNTE people about who we are and where we come from. I am ARRAERNTE sister for William Craig.


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